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I received this email today, as the man on his account. I`m pretty careful with these things that I get several times a year. w fake posing emails like my ISP provider that are amazing. Even the people at the ISP are amazed at how beautiful they are. So, is it for the real or phishing? Thank you. Brooke If anyone does not know, other email address for Microsoft. However, you should never click on a link in an email. Enter the site address directly into a browser and log in from it. I bet it`s the exact email you received. We also have the same mail from as others have already said, we can confirm that it is legitimate.

Thanks for your comments, it helps us improve the site. You can easily see that this is a phishing email/scam by moving the mouse cursor over the link. You will see that the link is not a Microsoft address. It says products and services, so it could contain a lot of things from Office software to Hotmail/msn/Outlook email accounts to all other Microsoft offers – hardware or software. It could also contain the Oem software that came with the computer that you might have used before installing linus. The amendment to the agreement is aimed at all those who have used Microsoft in the past, present and perhaps for the future. I am looking for e-mail for renewal DLP (1,000, – USD anuaylly) for our organization CCV s.r.o. The Microsoft Services agreement is an agreement between you and Microsoft (or one of its affiliates) that governs your use of Microsoft Consumer online products and services.

Thanks for using Microsoft products and services. You can read the full Agreement from Microsoft Services here. For more information on these updates, click here on our FAQ page, including a summary of the most remarkable changes. Updates to the Microsoft Services agreement will be available from 1 to 20 20. If you continue to use our products and services on or after 1 Oc to 20 20, you accept the updated Microsoft Services agreement. You have to choose a username for the site that only lasts a few moments. Then you can post your question and our members will help you. -server dot de/ but if you don`t process sensitive files, you should consider loading them for automated scanning of dozens of AV engines on VirusTotal 2 before opening it. Install the current/current version of FreeOffice for Mac on your Mac.

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