Wire Transfer Agreement Requirements

5.5 The client understands and recognizes that if the recipient does not match the receiving bank`s account, there is a risk that the recipient will not receive the funds paid. If the transfer is not received or credited on time, the Bank will follow the usual and usual procedures to complete the transfer, determine the location of the wired funds and/or return the money to the customer. If the bank is unable to determine that the funds have been credited to the recipient`s account or that the funds have been repaid, the client assumes full financial responsibility or loss risk for the transfer amount. 8. Notification of refusal or restitution. The bank is not responsible for transfers made by the bank, as ordered by the customer, which cannot be concluded or returned on the basis of false information provided by the customer. The customer is required to complete the recipient`s name and address in full, as the recipient bank can return a transfer that is otherwise valid for incomplete information about the recipients. The bank may refuse or impose conditions that must be met before accepting the customer`s instructions to make a transfer, at its sole discretion, including, but not limited, if the funds available are not sufficient for the deposit with the bank for the deposit account indicated: when the transfer agents who do not comply with the security procedures, if there is an inconsistency between a transfer order and information previously provided to the bank, if the bank is unable to obtain confirmation of such a transfer order, which is satisfactory to the bank, if the bank believes that the transfer was not authorized or if the bank has other reasonable reasons for not completing the payment order. A transfer may also be refused by an intermediary bank or beneficiary other than the bank or by legal management. If a bank transfer is refused, the bank will endeavour to inform the customer immediately by telephone. In the event of refusal or restitution, the bank is not required to act in the event of a transfer, and the bank is not required to return it because of the refusal of another person in the transfer process or because the message sent was not sent earlier or at some point after the receipt, acceptance, execution or payment of a transfer. 2.1 The customer may order the bank to transfer funds from all bank-managed customer deposit accounts and as shown in Appendix B of this schedule.

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